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I’m the name

I chose for this part of me

that carry on this passion

in honour

of those oriental fragments

spread around my chromosomes 


of those latidutes I left

with the promise of coming back.


I took my first shoot

as a child 

thank to my father’s patience.

It was the colourful 80s

and for the first time

I was finding myself partly colorblind.

I started using my first

35mm film camera

around the middle 90s.

Its last roll

is still on my bedside table

and I haven't developed it yet.



More than 10 years of experience in professional photography. Graduated in marketing, specialized in finance, after years in the banking sector and subsequently in entrepreneurial experiences, I chose photography as my professional path. Passionate about psychology, communication and philosophy, I combine many non-core skills with photographic technique, to bring value and uniqueness to every shot.

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